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person? >> he was last seen driving a 1999 silver at zero with virginia check -- virginia tags -- silver acura with virginia tags. >> maryland senators had amended a bill considering giving schools and police new powers to deal with gangs. coming up, traffic is slow around the convention center. we will tell you how residents are coping. >> plus, the short list of possible supreme court nominees. >> and rescuers go into a west virginia mine. >> a nussle year in the the weather center. good looking stuff -- i am if i had to sit on a bench during the middle of a game due to diabetes it would frustrate me. in a basketball game a couple minutes could mean a big momentum shift. my bayer meter is very important. (announcer) only bayer's contour meter has programmable personal high low settings. it allows me to be able to look at my highs and lows to make sure that my diabetes is being controlled as tightly as possible. with my bayer meter i don't miss valuable game time. i'm alana burns and staying in the game is my simple win. (announcer) the contour meter, only from bayer. >> a somber servic
are searching for simon asfeha, may be driving a 1999 silver acura with virginia tags xks-1522. >> eastern high school in d.c. will be back open today after a fire that was quickly contained. the school has been undergoing renovations. students have been attending classes in trailers. there were not impacted by the fire. >> of mechanical problems did not play a role in the weekend plane crash that killed poland owes the president, first lady, and 90 other people. readings from the black boxes indicate there were no technical problems with the plane. russian authorities say the pilot was warned about the weather before the plane crashed on saturday. federal investigators wi andll arrive in west virginia today. people gathered to remember the dead from the worst mine disaster in decades yesterday. high levels of toxic gas have prevented them from recovering all the bodies. another hole will have to be drilled before recovery efforts can continue. >> the virginia governor is urging residents to join a moment of silence. at 3:30 this afternoon and the west virginia governor is calling for a moment
'agata, cbs news, london. >>> federal investigators in west virginia to find out how 29 workers were killed in a coal mine. the investigators will be looking at the mine's safety record because the mine had more than 400 safety violations last year. industry experts admit that federal regulators to not have the power to shut down mines quickly. >> if you are not using that information about history of violation, if you are not using that to ensure that miners are not put at risk, it is too much. >> funerals of some of the men will begin over weekend. virginia governor bob mcdonnell is asking residents to join west virginia in a moment of silence at 3:30 this afternoon. >>> a teenager involved in a mass shooting is due in court today. he has been charged with killing jordan howe on march 22nd. eight days later, four people were killed in a drive-by shooting. his brother, another man and a juvenile have been charged in that shooting. orlando carter and sims have a hearing that is scheduled for thursday. >>> still to come on 9 news now, hundreds are homeless after a fire ripped through an apar
and was surrounded by a memorial. >>> tomorrow, federal investigators will arrive in west virginia to try to figure out what triggered a mine explosion that killed 29 miners. the investigation will focus on the direction of toxic gas and coal dust away from minors. a buildup is suspected of causing the blast -- and coal dust away from miners. >> if you ventilate, you do not have explosions. >> they received previous citations. the companies said they strive to be incompetent -- compliance with regulations at all time -- the company said that. >>> firefighters were called to a high school this afternoon with smoke coming from the roof. it was under one restoration, and so the students have been taking classes in trailers. there is no word on what caused the fire or how much damage was done. >>> speculation continues over who president barack obama will name for a retiring supreme court justice seat. they are looking to avoid a potential filibuster. >> i am not going to take off the table, but i think it can be easily avoided. >> there was a short list of possible nominees, including the solicitor ge
, but it is much harder to actually prepare them for it. in today's hero central report, we take you to virginia. derek reports that everyone is welcome. >> if they didn't come here, what would happen to them? >> they would probably be with a baby-sitter. >> reporter: it is elizabeth's job to make sure that doesn't happen to her on the children on her watch. they come up at 18 months and they leave ready for kindergarten, no matter what it takes. >> so, 2/3 of our children here are from low working income families. that clean houses our work in fast food restaurants. mostern less then $25,000 a year. >> i try to go to every school in the area. >> reporter: susanna came to the school with a boy who could barely speak one language. >> has your son gotten getter? >> yes. be can speak two languages, english and spanish >> like all stories, this comes with a price. >> we have to raise $300,000 a year to manage the program. so, money from places is just a huge gift to us. >> reporter: and apparently it is money well spent. 2/3 of the children are from low income families the rest have parents paying f
. in other news, one week after the explosion at a west virginia coal mine, the last of the bodies are now being recovered. now the focus is shifting to how the disaster happened and who might be to blame. jim axelrod is in charleston, west virginia. >> reporter: at a memorial this afternoon, west virginia's governor tried to soothe the spirits broken by the nation's deadliest mining disaster in 40 years. >> when someone you love becomes a memory, the memory becomes a treasure. we have 29 treasures. 29 treasures. >> reporter: an army of pastors has been busy at church as much ass and funerals across the state since saturday morning when west virginia's worst fears were confirmed and the last four missing miners were found dead. >> we did not receive the miracle that we prayed for. >> reporter: it turns out rescue workers had walked right past three of the four missing miners' bodies in their very first trip into the mine, right after the explosion a week ago. >> there was so much smoke and the conditions were so dire at that time with dust in the air that they apparently bypassed the three
around through silver spring. no problems coming in out of virginia. don't forget about the summit taking place around verizon. a good portion of massachusetts avenue will be tied up between 9th and 1th streets and there will be additional closures because of parking. if you can, work from home, metro into work but beprepared for lengthy delays downtown today. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. >>> our big story, julie touched it. you can expect a lot of traffic problems in d.c. for the next couple of days as world leaders are in town for a nuclear summit and security will be extra tight. >>> sarah simmons joins us live this morning. she is in northwest washington near the convention center with all the details. >> good morning. >> reporter: district transportation officials have been planning for this for days. as you can see behind me, there are already those fences that are up, barricades that are up and you will note is a military presence already in lace here around the convention center. -- in place here around the convention
investigators will arrive at a west virginia mine. dangerous gas levels fowrsed recovery crews out over the weekend. they will have to drill another hole to vent the mine before more bodies can be recovered. there will be a moment of vile eans cross west virginia at 3:30 this afternoon. virginia's governor bob mcdonnell is also calling for everybody in virginia to take part. >>> the search is on to find a man police say killed his own daughter and her mother in alexander ri. woman and three-year-old girl both found dead inside their alexandria apartment on sundayen police say there was some sort of ongoing custody dispute between the mother and the suspect. investigators say he was last seen driving a 1999 silver acura. >>> teachersal viz in the washington area jumped by more than 40% over last decade. teachers in montgomery county top out with the region's highest salaries, more than $103,000 for the longest serving teachers. other jurisdictions in virginia saw modest increases. >>> coming up next a mother's controversial cigs scition to return her adopted son to russia sparking intern
you, suzanne. >>> the governor of virginia's comments on cnn about confederate history month ignite a firestorm, but he seems to have at least one su >> there's a sort of feeling that this is insensitive. that you clearly don't agree. >> to me, it's the kind of feeling that it's a nit, that it is not significant, that it's not -- he's trying to make a big deal out of something that doesn't amount to diddley. >> mississippi governor haley barbour now in the middle of this debate. what else did he have to say? you'll hear it here on cnn. and we'll talk to a few confederate re-enactors. what do they think of this controversy? >>> and cnn political editor mark preston, coming to you for a preview of the big supreme court nomination battle. and time for you to weigh in. log on to the social networking sites. if you have heartburn more than one day a week, try prilosec otc. it shuts down many acid-producing stomach pumps for twenty-four hours of heartburn protection with just one pill a day. for frequent heartburn, try prilosec otc. black one! where? [ vrrroooooomm! ] black one! where? [
virginia mine disaster. >>> and orphan uproar. a tennessee woman returns her adopted russian son because of what she says are behavioral problems. >>> this is the "cbs morning news" for monday, april 12th, >>> this is the "cbs morning news" for monday, april 12th, 2010. captioning funded by cbs >>> thanks for joining us. i'm michelle gielan. the president hosts a two day nuclear security summit beginning today in washington. representatives from 47 countries will attend. the largest gathering of world leaders hosted by the u.s. since the 1945 conference that founded the u.n. the goal? keeping nuclear weapons away from terrorist organizations like al qaeda. tara mergener is in washington with details. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, michelle. that's right, the focus here is preventing nuclear terrorism and this is said to be an unprecedented call for action. president obama wants to make sure nuclear weapons don't end up in the wrong hands. >> the single biggest threat to u.s. security for short term, medium term and long term would be the possibility of the terrorist organizatio
malveaux at the white house tonight. thank you, suzanne. >>> the governor of virginia's comments on cnn about confederate history month ignite a firestorm, but he seems to have at least one supporter among his ranks. >> there's a sort of feeling that this is insensitive. >> to me, it's the kind of feeling that it's a nit, that it is not significant, that it's not -- he's trying to make a big deal out of something that doesn't amount to diddly. >> mississippi governor haley barbour now in the middle of this debate. what else did he have to say? you'll hear it here on cnn. and we'll talk to a few confederate reenactors. what do they think of this controversy? >>> and cnn political editor mark preston, coming to you for a preview of the big supreme court nominee battle. and time for you to weigh in. ♪ is that your new car ? uh... yeah ? cool. thanks. i knew i wanted a subaru legacy. i went back and forth on the hood scoop... but i'm glad i went for it. the subaru legacy. feel the love. the subaru legacy. home of one of the coldest, longest nights on the planet. and asked frequent heartbu
. investigators say he was last seen driving a 1999 silver acura with virginia plates, xk 167815 -- xks 1522. >>> it does not look like poland's plane had any technically problems before it crashed in russia. lech kaczynski and his wife were among the 96 people killed in the crash. as fox's amy kellogg reports it has left many in poland devastated. >> reporter: tens of thousands of people line the streets of warsaw mourning the death of president lech kaczynski. some softly singing the country's national anthem. others tossing flowers at the hearse carrying the late president. the road up to the presidential palace has become a shrine. memorial liesing the country's leader, his wife and other dignitaries who lost their lives in saturday more than's plane crash. flowers and candles have piled up out side the palsy where hundreds gathered at noon sunday to two minutes of silence. some mourners are trying to emphasize poland's strength and stability. >> it will not affect us in terms of any political organization. the nation is well organized and we have a constitution that is in place, and the
another whole will have to be drilled before recovery efforts can continue. >> virginia governor bob mcdonnell is urging people to join in a moment of silence in the members of the victims of the explosion. the west virginia gov. is asking for a moment of silence this afternoon. gov. mcdonnell is under fire from some people over plan to require nonviolt felons to submit a personal essay if to get their voting rights restored. it comes after the controversy surrounding the confederate history month proclamation. mrs. the governor haley barbour says it seems like a lot of noise that does not amount to a deaiddly. >> there are measures to track child sex offenders. there's another bill being considered that would allow las vegas style gambling. another measure would give schools and police new powers to fight gangs. >> coming up, keeping nuclear weapons away from terrorists, a closer look at the president's security summ. >> tiger woods falls short. we will have highlights from the final rounds of the masters. >> rain could be on the way. 5:00 07 is the time. it's 59 degrees in roslyn.
asking for your help to find the suspect. he said to be driving a 1999 silver acura with virginia tags, xks-1522. >>> classes will resume at eastern high school in the district after a fire. about 100 firefighters battled that blaze in the 1700 block of east capital street northeast sunday afternoon. the fire destroyed a rubberized roofing material that crews were laying down. investigators say the fire started on the roof of one of those buildings that was undergoing renovation. it appears to be accidental. investigators are trying to find out what sparked the fire. a few workers were inside and got out safely. firefighters were called to this restaurant fire in prince george's county. the fire broke out at the mid-atlantic seafood just after 1:30 sun afternoon. fire and smoke were seen coming from the roof when firefighters arrived. the restaurant was evacuated. no injuries reported. the cause of that fire remains under investigation. >>> we're following breaking news from new york city. more than 250 firefighters battle a seven alarm fine a high rise building on manhattan's lower ea
on those subjects. >>> virginia's republican governor thinks he was widely insensitive for him to honor the confederate forces without noting that slavery was wrong. the head of the republican governor's association, haley barbour from mississippi says african-american outrage doesn't amount to diddley. >>> plus, al gore. yeah. should he be on president obama's short list for the supreme court? i think so. that's coming up in the "playbook." >>> this is the story that has me fired up tonight. it's the story about whether you really care about people or not. the republican party is filled with fiscally conservative frauds. the senate is back from their two-week-long vacation, spring break. the first order of business is a $9 billion extension of unemployment benefits. that really has effected over 200,000 americans who saw their benefits cut. senators have been, let's see, flying around the globe and eating in the best restaurants while the unemployed americans have had basically been shut out in the cold on this deal. at this hour the senate is trying to end the debate and give these fo
with virginia plates. those plates, xks 1522. virginia plates. here's another look at the picture. if you see him please give alexandria police a call. neighbors say there was an ongoing custody dispute over that little girl. police say the two parents did have a relationship in the past. at this hour, though, the manhunt continues. we're live in the news room, roby chavez, fox 5 news. >> thank you for that. >>> a crime alert on the campus of george washington university. police say two suspects pulled out knives and chased somebody earlier this morning. they stabbed someone in the upper arm and then ran off. the victim was treated and released from the hospital. >>> fire at a d.c. school and the smoke could be seen for miles. it bill owed from the roof of eastern high school on east capital street this afternoon. fire officials say it started around 4:30. the school is under doing renovations. some crews were working today. they all did get out safely. the fire began in the roof. no word on a cause. >>> another big story. the world's power players converging on d.c. that could mean major tra
to another airport. >> sol lairty with the people in virginia. >> virginia senator mark warner introduced a moment of silence on the floor of the u.s. senate. he did that at 3:30 this afternoon. that pause marked a moment one week ago that a mine explosion in west virginia killed 25 miners there. it was also a memorial at the state capitol in charleston. kris clackham has our report. >> the can have can have's governor asked the nation for a moment of silence on monday for the 29 voices that fell silent in last week's mining disaster. >> our lives will change forever, your lives will change forever. it will be the strength of their memories that enables you to carry on. >> crews returned to the upper big branch mine for recovery of the last bodies that remained inside. and as federal investigators moved in to start work on exactly what caused the explosion. >> no minor should ever lose his life in order to provide for his family. and i will do everything in my power to ensure that we prevent these kinds of tragedies. >> this was the nation's worst mining disaster in 40 years. it's trigger
, maryland. 73 in the panhandle of virginia. temperatures around the region uniformly now in the mid 60s everywhere except for pittsburgh which is holding back justÑi a t at 56 degrees. satellite picture, we had a very weak cold front go through overnight last night and picked up a couple of mid and high level clouds across northern maryland and south central pennsylvania are the reason that we appear to have a bit of a gray texture to our sky. on the whole, still plenty of sunshine getting through. mostly sunny today. a little bit cooler than yesterday. still a bargain by mid-april standards. highs today upper 60s and low 70s. clouds come back for tomorrow. a chance of a shower by tomorrow afternoon and evening time. coming up in a couple more minutes the seven day. >> alexandria police are searching for a suspect they believe killed his daughter and her mother. police responded to the brent place apartments off south reynolds street yesterday morning where they found the bodies of a 3-year-old girl and her mother. police are now looking for the father of that child, 34-year-old sigh o
in west virginia to look at what went wrong in last week's deadly mine explosion. if they're searching for the last four missing miners -- they found the bodies this weekend. the death toll is 29. the worst mining disasters in nearly four decades. if the west virginia governor has called for a moment of silence at 3:30 today in memory of the victims. >>> maryland pose a general assembly is kremlin to wrap up unfinished business before lawmakers adjourned at midnight tonight. on this final day, several proposals are still in limbo, including measures to tighten laws against sex offenders and require higher child support payments. another bill considered would give school and police for new powers to fight gangs. >>> today's nuclear summit will mean some of the worst gridlock our area has seen in years, but the metro region is no stranger to the daily grind. there's a new polls showing more and more people are opting out. pull-ups do it is at tysons corner to tell us how. >> if there are more people on the roads. >> that appears to be the original opinion. according to a new washington
, and it is now positioned over virginia. that is going to be the impetus for low pressure to develop tomorrow, and as a result, we are going to see a much different weather pattern. in the meantime, plenty of sunshine, 66 to 71 degrees. the only other thing we are dealing with today is pollen. extremely high today in the trees. that is what is causing you to sneeze and have those watery comic itchy eyes and sinus problems. more on the seven-day coming up. >> people round the world -- actually, we are moving onto a different story. a man is dead this afternoon after a reported armed robbery in east baltimore. shots were fired around 10:40 last night along the 1100 block of north avenue. the victim was shot multiple times. he later died at the hospital. right now no word on a motive for possible suspect. in northwest baltimore, city police have a new homicide case on their hands. the victim was shot to death just before 9:00 sunday morning alongside an alley in the 5500 block of denmark avenue. enmore -- of dan avenue. this man was arrested after stabbing and 18-year-old man multiple times satu
trabajadores en una mina en virginia occidental, tras encontrar humo y senales de incendio en el interior... los esfuerzos continuan para rescatar a algunos trabajadores que podrian haber sobrevivido al desastre minero.. segun los expedientes un inspector de seguridad encontro que la administracion de la mina consideraba mas importante la produccion que la seguridad del personal...las anotaciones del inspector estan incluidas en un informe de 140-paginas que funcionarios federales dieron a conocer este viernes... el juez de la suprema corte john paul stevens, anuncio hoy su jubilacion, dejandole al presidente barack obama una segunda vacante para ocupar en el maximo tribunal de estados unidos... stevens dijo que se retirara al comenzar el receso de verano de la corte, a fines de junio o principios de julio, y expreso sus esperanzas de que su sucesor sea confirmado con bastante anticipacion al comienzo del proximo periodo judicial en octubre... grupos hispanos esperan que el sucesor del juez stevens comparta su vision en interpretar las leyes... "la voz y el puesto de este juez steve
with virginia tags. >>> a measure to toughen up on sex offenders is still in limbo. shawn yancy is following this one. >> a known sex offender is accused of killing sarah foxwell days before christmas. proposed bills would have harsher punishments. the victim's mother spoke today. >> basically, i don't understand why they won't step up and pass it and sign it and it's to protect our children. i mean, you know, our children should be our first priority. you know, and being a parent of a child who was brutally murdered by a registered sex offender, i'm appalled that that is even an issue. >> the house approved a mandatory 15 year sex sentence for more serious sex crimes. lawmakers have until midnight to work out the differences on the bill. brian? >>> one week, crews are back inside the wrecked coal mine in west virginia. 29 were killed in last monday's blast. nine bodied are still inside. -- bodies are still inside. a federal investigation into the explosion is also getting underway with investigators arriving in coalmont today. the state panel that writes the rules is asking to be an active
mine explosion in west virginia, a special moment of silence is whonoring those who lost her lives. >>> and we're learning more about the plane crash that took the live of the polish president. id why did pilots not heed the warning. and taking a look outside. id near glebe road on 395. it is 39monday morning. in glebe road exit in the south arlington area. it aris monday morning april 12th, 2010. glad you're along with us. i'm steve chenevey. >> i'm allison seymour. good monday to you. and tucker barnes vejoins us in for tony to tell us about this monday morning and beyond. tuck, good morning. >>> good nimorning. rn a couple of changes today. to a couple of clouds out there. we have a cold erfront moving mo through and that will hold temperatures back but no rain in the forecast. as we should be dry throughout the monday. i'll show you the ndsatellite a again you'll see the cloud ou cover that is across the he washington area and the thickest cloud cover is south and east of us. this is a weak cold front pushing to the south and east i i think it will -- i think it will be out of
. >> let me ask you about sympathetic else and just kind of the tone of politics. virginia governor, new virginia governor, bob mcdonnell, designated april as confederate month, something that his two democratic predecessors had refrained from doing. this caused quite a stir, particularly because the governor did not even mention slavery in this proclamation. was that a mistake? >> well, i don't think so. my state legislature has made a legislatively enacted holiday, confederate memorial day, have done it for years under republican governors, democrat governors, and for seven years as governor, i have issued a proclamation, because of what the legislature's done. my democratic predecessors did so as well. i don't know what you would say about slavery, but anybody that thinks you have to explain to people that slavery is a bad thing, i think goes without saying. >> but the sensitivity of it. because we heard from a number of african-american politicians and just people on the street that were interviewed in virginia going, this is offensive, to celebrate something that really was about sl
marijuana with authorization. >>> federal investigators will be in west virginia tomorrow tried to figure out what caused a deadly mine explosion. 29 miners died in a glass. dust is expected to have caused this explosion. it is supposed to keep gas and coal dust away from the minors. officials say enforcement efforts are up 20% in the past years. appeals jumped 400%. >> to go to a mine and say we do not like your safety record, no. >> it would take an act of congress to change that. >>> an unauthorized biography about talk show host oprah winfrey comes out. kitty kelley interviewed 800 people over three years to gather information on every aspect of her life. it comes out on tuesday. oprah did not participate in the book. but she is speaking out abo her new round the clock network. the talk-show host is releasing details on who will appear on the network. beauport offered assurance that she will be appearing on the 24- hour network. >> january 1, 2011, which will be the launch of my new brainchild, a dream that i have been carrying around for years, to have my own network. >> the network
explosion at a west virginia mine killed 29 people today they'll begin the grim task of trying to figure out what went wrong. authorities are blaming high levels of methane gas for the deadly blast, toxins that are now holding up the recovery of the remaining bodies inside. >>> in northern ireland, an early morning car bombing outside a spy agency is being blamed on the irish republicanen party. it came just hours before police and justice pours were being transferred. no serious injuries have been report jood new details in the death of beloved stage and screen actress dixie carter. according to her publicist, she died in houston saturday of complications due to cancer. and imagine battling a sticky bolt. 215 mile ace above the earth. that's what two crew members of the space shuttle "discovery" did sunday before they successfully attached a cooling tank to the international space station. >>> and now here's an early look at how wall street will open today. the s&p nudged up 7 points, the nasdaq went up 17 points. taking a look at overseas trading that morning, in tokyo, the nikkei rose 47
investigators arrived in west virginia. they ever looking into what caused the coalmine explosion that killed 29 people. as jim axelrod reports search teams are still trying to recover more bodies. >> massey energy has a record with plenty to exam in. in 2009 they had 425 safety violations. the investigation will take months to complete. >> if you're not using that history of violations, to make sure miners aren't put at risk it is useless. >> jason adkins. >> it was a grime weekend here in southern west virginia. bells tolled in churches. >> william roosevelt lynch. >> reporter: after the bodies of the four missing miners were found saturday morning, and west virginia began to mourn. >> can you just say thank you. >> thank you. >> thank you coalminers. [ applause ] >> reporter: an eight-year-old, the son and grandson of miners, seemed to sum it up best. >> i say this is heartbreaking. everybody must pray for this accident and pray for our coalminers. please. please pray for them. . >>> west virginia governor is leading a memorial today for victims of a previous mining catastrophe. he will place
virginia now have the grim task of recovering the nine remaining bodies inside the upper big branch mine. two separate crews made their way inside the mine this morning and a team of federal investigators is arriving today to try to start to figure out what in the world caused that deadly explosion last week. some of the 29 men killed in the blast have been buried. president obama ordered u.s. flags in west virginia to be flown at half staff in honor of those miners. and west virginia's governor is asking people from all across the country to observe a moment of silence today at 3:30 p.m. eastern time. >>> in about two hours, we'll find out whether nfl star ben roethlisberger will face charges in an alleged sexual assault. last month, a 20-year-old college student accused him of sexually assaulting her at a nightclub in millageville, georgia. "in session's" jean casarez joins us with all the latest. you've been following all the angles, making as many phone calls. what do you know about this? >> this all alleged to have happened in the early morning hours of march 5th. and ben roethlisbe
club. >>> the tragedy continues in west virginia. searchers back in the coal mine this morning trying to recover the last nine bodies from the explosion that killed 29 men. high methane gas readings prevented searchers from going in the mine yesterday. today they are using fans to help the ventilation systems and clear some of the dirty air. federal investigators are trying to figure out exactly what caused the explosion. this is the worst u.s. mining disaster since 1970. >>> poland is in mourning. investigators say the tragedy may be due to human error. there were no technical problems and russia's airport says the pilot was flying too low in the fog, missed the runway when trying to land. both russia and ukraine declared a day of mourning today and tens of thousands filled the streets to pay final respects to the president. >>> the vatican is telling high-ranking clerics if they discover sexual abuse by police they should report it to the police. it's part of response that they avoided years of abuse. it's spelled out on the virginia tech can web site. >>> -- vet can web site. >>>
bring him to justice. >>> i'm audrey barnes. in dumfries, virginia, a 12- year-old armed with the semiautomatic handgun takes it on the school bus this morning. going all the way to the potomac middle school. >> and had he got off the bus and pointed the gun at his head. >> the teacher on the bus duty. they saw what was going on and quickly responded. and they were able to, you know, di fuse the situation. >> the boy was estranged and held for police to determine that the gun was not loaded and the boy didn't have ammunition. >> what if somebody were to get on the bus and intervene? then what? >> he was a good guy. i think that, you know, something happened. >> and the sixth grader is undergoing a medical evaluation. and they are facing charges of possessing a gun on the school property, an automatic 365-day expeelings. >> at the nuclear center in downtown dc, ton of security here. you can see the pedestrian fences. they are the barricades to keep cars and trucks out there. but what we're not seeing ends up there. and that is traffic. president obama could only dream that
in west virginia to begin looking into that explosion that killed 29 coal miners but they won't be able to enter the mine right away. toxic gases have risen to deadly high levels again. all underground operations have been suspended until the mine can be properly ventilated. only a few of the 29 miners have been removed to be buried. this afternoon, at 3:30, a moment of silence held to mark one week. >>> charging customers for the carry-on bags. last week, spirit announced an increase on the bags. they asked to charge the airlines for the fee. >>> when it was all over, the green jacket went to three-time winner phil mickelson. it was a dramatic final for mickelson who topped off the win with a long embrace with his ailing wife, his wife and mother are both battling breast cancer. >> such a great story. >>> now, a look at the weather from around the nation. another stormy day out west. heavy rain for much of california. 2 feet of snow in the sierras and a foot in the rockies. heavy rain in the dakotas, minnesota and withes with and some isolated thunderstorms across texas and south flori
disaster in west virginia, people stopped what they were doing for a moment of silence today to mark the exact hour of the explosion. ceremonies on the floor of the u.s. senate and in the state capital of charleston. and even at that moment, investigators were arriving with new questions about the company run by a powerful lightning rod in the state. david kerly has our report. >> reporter: the bodies of nine miners still lie in the upper big branch mine -- with federal investigators arriving, waiting to enter the mine. and word tonight that the u.s. attorney here says he will vigorously prosecute any criminal act that may have led to the explosion. officials will want to talk to this man, the ceo of massey energy, the owneof the mine -- don blankenship, who talked about his philosophy in a documentary. >> in the united states, you have a capitalist society, and that capitalism from a business viewpoint is survival of the most productive. >> reporter: but many complain that for blankenship, production trumps safety. >> the upper buy branch mine had the largest number of any violation
mine, will arrive today, at the scene of west virginia mining disaster, a tweak the day after an explosion claimed 29 lives, yesterday people gathered in churches to mourn the get r dead approximate honor their profession. >> -- [inaudible]. hell bound, this is the church at it again, in charleston, west virginia they claim the mine deaths happened because god is angry with america because it alouse gays and gays and lesbian, one man was arrested for spitting on the church members. >>> the long time home of the dallas cowboys is just a memory, after six months of planning it only took seconds to turn it into concrete and twisted metal. the cowboys moved from the stadium to arlington after the 2008 season. clean up expected to take until july. >>> more than 300 signs have been spotted from new york and miami to san diego and at first glance they look official but messages both amewsing and a little absurd. you saw one, it proclaims you are not cool. or this sign sprodding up outside of a fast food restaurant. this double crossing appears from a major bank. see it at the work o
racing off toward the south and east, that front stalls in virginia but it clears maryland and we will have ourselves a clear day with a mostly sunny sky, sun up at 6:34. lower to mid-50s. we are looking for a climb to 64 at lunchtime and a chilly breeze if you will, getting us to 70 this afternoon, that's much cooler than the heat we've had the last week but still above normal. 66 this evening with the sun and setting at 7:41. we look forward to some rain and try to knock this pollen from the air on tuesday. right now, to the roads at 6:01. >> as we look the e roadways, folks are out and about, things are moving smoothly as you look at the cameras, 695, traffic is building some but moving freely, we also have a disabled vehicle, 95 south at fort mchenry, in the tunnel area, two southbound toll lanes are closed and also look for debris in roadway ton outer loop at 695, and that earlier december abled vehicle at 895, is having an impact, is not having an impact on traffic. also 695 and hartford moving smoothly as well. >>> all right. 6:02. the budget it is a word that makes you swi
up in politics. new virginia governor bob mcdonald designated april as confederate month, something his two democratic predecessors refrained from doing particularly because the governor did not mention slavery in this proclamation. is that a mistake? >> i don't think so. my state legislature has made an lems lateively inactive holiday, memorial day. did it for years under republican governors, democrat governors, for seven years as governor, i issued a proclamation because of what the legislature had done. i don't know what you would say about slavery, but anybody who think i don't say you have to explain slavery is a bad thing goes without saying. >> the sensitivity of it. we heard from a number of african-american politicians and people on the street people interviewed in virginia saying this is offensive to celebrate something that really was about slavery and have no mention of it. what do you do in your state? >> maybe they should talk about democratic legislature that does the same thing in mississippi for years. and as far as i know, the democratic legislature, you have a ma
meade. she's on assignment. time to get you caught up now. hope turns to more grief in west virginia. we have learned this weekend that no one survived that massive mine explosion. now federal investigators will try to uncover some answers. >>> and the talk was all about tiger, but fan favorite phil mickelson stole the show at the masters with an emotional win and his family really needed something to celebrate, and they certainly got it. >>> plus, the growing outrage over u.s. family who adopted a boy from russia only to send him back on a plane alone. >>> first, our top story on this monday. today west virginia authorities hope to start recovering the remaining 22 bodies of miners who died in the worst u.s. mining disaster since 1972. 29 minersdyed in last monday's explosion. and families sobbed as crews found the last four miners who were unaccounted for on saturday. some of the miners were laid to rest over the weekend. nearly two dozen funerals will follow in the coming weeks. >> what i saw up until the absolute very end was a very heavy-hearted community that was holding on to a ve
are saying that the suspect is this 34-year-old and he may be driving a 1999 silver acura with virginia tags. anyone with information should contact alexandria police. >>> a fire will not keep students at one washington, d.c. high school from going to class today. it took about 75 firefighters to down the flames at eastern high school. construction works working on roof renovations accidently started the fire. >>> washington, d.c. firefighters were busy at another school on mississippi everywhere playground equipment caught fire. the flames damaged windows and an outside wall. investigators are trying to determine how that fire started. >>> today the investigation intensifies into last week's mining disaster in west virginia. k >>> welcome back, no problems to report traveling. >>> in the news now at 9 after the hour. a team a federal investigators will arrive at the upper big branch coalmine in west virginia. investigators will try to determine what caused the explosion that killed 29 people. it is the worst mining disaster in the united states in four decades. >>> the publicist for dixie
. >>> west virginia's governor is responding to a growing controversy. governor joe mansion was flown to west virginia after last week's explosion on a jet provided by the mine's owner. a state owned flight could not be arranged quickly enough. today federal inspectors are arriving to begin the investigation. >>> legislators are pushing chelsea's law. king was out for an afterschool run when she disappeared. her family says they will fight for her honor. >> with the community's strength and chelsea's will we're going to run this race. we're going to run it hard and we're going to run it to completion. >> the new law would require more intensive monitoring of sexual offenders. >>> the vatican posted a new site stating that bishop's and other clerical abuse should be made to the police. this comes after the pope faces allegations of not acting on abuse cases. >>> russia waves adoption to americans. >> reporter: russian authorities have temporarily suspended adoptions after the tennessee mom sent the 7-year- old on a one way flight back to his homeland alone. >> if russia chooses to suspend th
driving a silver acura with license that plates xks 1522, virginia license plate. >>> supporters of mayor adrian fenty kicked off his campaign for re-election over the weekend. they did it at the new grand opening of his campaign headquarters. careen gray houston has more. >> four more years! >> reporter: he is in it to win it but there were conflicting cheers outside the new campaign headquarters. the recall feinty people were outnumbered and drowned out. inside, adrian fenty flanked by his family, made his case for another term. >> when we took over, there were about 7,000 to 8,000 people at summer youth jobs. last year, we topped 18,000 young people. >> reporter: fenty listed his successes, taking over school system, bringing new development by doing things differently. these supporters say they are well aware of the mayor's declining popularity in some areas of the city. they say that doesn't matter because fenty gets results. >> he is trying to do the best he can. >> in terms of improving the schools, up grading a lot of the facilities, crime is down. i think he is doing the things t
. >>> then, unsafe underground. why investigators were raising concerns about the disastrous west virginia mine before last week's fatal explosion. >>> and, sports scandal. why dozens of girls' swimming coaches are banned for life. >> it was disgusting. at first i was in shock. i was -- i thought to myself, what is he doing? >> it's monday, april 12th. >> from abc news, this is "world news now." >> you're back. ♪ reunited and it feels so good ♪ >> i was reading your facebook fan page and you have a new nickname too. >> what is it? >> mcnewsie. like mcdreamy? i thought, his mom's writing in again! >> she's on to me. it's good to be back. we've got "insomniac theater" this half hour. and a lot of interesting stuff going on this morning so stick around for that. good morning. thanks for joining us on this monday. i'm jeremy hubrd. >> i'm vinita nair. >>> we begin in poland where thousands are expressing their grief over the death of that country's president, his wife, and dozens of other polish leaders. >> now there are questions about why the pilot of the doomed flight did not follow dir
for the update. >>> now to the latest on the deadly mine explosion in west virginia. the bodies of the four missing miners were found over the weekend, bringing the death toll to 29. making it the worst u.s. mining disaster in 40 years. cbs news correspondent jim axelrod still in montcoal, west virginia with the latest. >> reporter: good morning. federal investigators are set to arrive here soon in west virginia, perhaps as early as today, to begin looking in to just what happened in that deadly explosion at the upper big branch mine that occurred a week ago today. massey energy, the mine's owner, has a record with plenty to exam ib. in 2009, the mine had 458 safety violations. the investigation will take months to complete. >> if you're not using that information of a history of violations, if you're not using that to ensure that miners are not put at risk, it is toothless. >> reporter: jas >> jason adkins. >> reporter: it was a grim weekend here in southern west virginia. bells tolled in churches. >> william roosevelt lynch. >> reporter: after the bodies of the four missing miners were fo
of congress to do that. now may be the time. david kerley, abc news, montcoal, west virginia. >>> leaders from arrived the world have arrived in washington for today's summit on nuclear security hosted by the president. the goal is to secure all vulnerable nuclear materials within four years. it's a goal intelligence experts say may be unrealistic but necessary. >> time is not on our side. as long as you have terrorist groups and others with the intent, and not just groups. iran, north korea, other states. the world's got to treat the nuclear threats that we face with a much greater sense of urgency than we have in the last few years. >> in addition to attending the summit, president obama will host one on one meetings today with china's president, jordan's king, and the leaders of malaysia, ukraine and armenia. >>> teens and young women who regularly drink alcohol have a higher risk of benign breast disease in their 20s which is a leading risk factor for breast cancer. that's according to a study of 9,000 young women published this morning. those who reported drinking at least six days a week
clipic getting women in. i think this is a point at which virginia was saying a couple minutes ago plays in. if you are thinking about an appellate practice, there is no other kind of practice to balance it with whatever you want to balance it with. you almost always know when they are going to be due long ahead of time. you can work at them in nights and weekends, you can work at them at home. it is amazing the places now with the snet revolution and everything, it's amazing the places you can work on a brief and the times of day you can do it. so, you know, it is a fantastic practice. i think if you look at government offices that deal with, for example, the brooklyn district attorney's office, where you look at the legal defense center, women are quite well represented in that practice, because that practice the case has acome to you. so it doesn't require you to be a business getter, it requires you to be a business do-er, and this is an incredibly wonderful kind of work to do. if you like writing and research thrrk is nothing better than it. i think the supreme court practice has th
in montcoal, west virginia. searchers returned to the mine today to recover the last of the nine bodies still trap inside. a moment of silence was held for the victims at 3:30 this afternoon. and president obama ordered the u.s. flags in west virginia be flown at half staff in honor of the 29 men killed in the disaster. >>> later this afternoon. investigators announced that the pittsburgh steelers quarterback, ben ruthless berger will not be a-- roethlisberger will not be accused of sexual abouts. >> if i did i would do so and i'm admitting to you that i can't. >> that district attorney said that there are some still questions about what actually happened at the millageville georgia night club. but they do not want to speak about this any further. they claim that the quarterback raped her back in 2008. for >>> we have a health alert for women linking alcohol to breast cancer. and that's not so new. but a study by the journal pediatrics said that heavy drinking early on leads to the risk. sandra hughs reports. >> reporter: there is nothing to toast in the latest findings that alcohol may be li
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